Mark Erdmann's Thoughts on MV Chertan

We were lucky enough to host Conservation International's very own Mark Erdmann. Find out what he thought of the trip!

Dr. Mark Erdmann - VP Conservation International

Dr. Mark Erdmann - VP Conservation International Apr 4, 2016 Wrote:

"We’ve just returned from a fantastically productive 10-day trip on the MV Chertan, and I really can’t say enough good things about the ship and the Captain and crew. We had a number of very specific fishy targets for photography and videography, ranging from estuarine damselfish to walking sharks and deep-dwelling coral gobies, and the Chertan team were both exceptionally knowledgeable of the fishes of the region as well as extra accommodating of our sometimes strange requests. The ship is comfortable and very well set-up for maximising dive time - I loved the fact the ship would moor just over the top of the dive sites and we could use the well-designed stern ladders and dive platform to enter and exit the water. The only thing I can complain about is the food - it is FAR too delicious and in quantities that test the stitching on your wetsuit! Molly’s muffins and key lime pie in particular should be outlawed! Very much looking forward to our next trip in a few months… "

Dr. Mark Erdmann Vice President, Asia Pacific Marine Programs Conservation International

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