Aliens spotted in Papua New Guinea

On the MV Chertan dive liveaboard we have stumbled across some of the weirdest and most wonderful creatures while on scuba. These aliens are so far fetched sometimes its hard to believe they are from this planet, however they are from our blue planet.

Exploring the underwater world has always fascinated the human race, amazingly our ocean is less explored than the moons surface! We know very little about our oceans being that less than 5% is mapped. What better way to safely explore the ocean than to scuba dive! Here in Papua New Guinea we are host to some of the best dive sites in the world! Tiny colourful critters can be spotted with our wonderful Divemasters highly trained eyes. For those who love the 'big stuff' we can see the most impressively large Manta Rays, Hammerheads sharks, Dolphins and many more.

We are a blue planet with 70% water covering the Earths surface, so with such little information, what really do we know that can lie in the deep blue? This for the most part remains still somewhat of a beautiful mystery however, we will keep sharing our finds with you.

Keep an eye out for our next article on live ammunitions we found underwater from WW2!!!

Her are some photos from our recent dive trip in Milne Bay in Papua New Guinea from the captain of the MV Chertan - Rob Van Der Loos

Hope you enjoy some of our underwater aliens...

Purple Alien shrimp ;)

(Periclimenes sp.)

Basket Star Shrimp

(Periclimenes lanipes)

Colman Shrimp

(Periclimenes colemani)

Acker's Whip Coral Shrimp

(pontonides ankeri)

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