What a Wreck - Murder on High Seas

On the first day of the expedition MV Chertan anchored on the wreckage of the Muscoota (formally known as Britannia 1888). The PNG dive site is located in a quiet bay and surrounded by palm trees, a few village huts and native boats. The bow of the Muscoota is visible from the surface. The sea life there is diverse. Large schools of yellowtail barracuda, fusiliers and beautiful anthias residing off the bow in about 5m of water. The wreck has been a thriving habitat for colourful coral since the the boat sank some 70 years ago. We have resident Wobbegong sharks lurking in the shallows making this one of the best dive sites in the world. The wreck is approximately 100m in length with the base stern submerged at 25m. With a stunning 20+ meters visibility the site really puts the scale of the ship into proportion as the huge 2500 tonne ship lies stern down. For you macro diving lovers and underwater photographers, you may be interested in spider crabs, ornate ghost pipefish and nudibranchs galore. This is how the MV Chertan started its SCUBA diving safari and one of the most impressive wrecks our experienced crew have had the pleasure to dive.

The Murder of Captain Lyall

of the


The Times 5th January 1891

Murder on the High Seas.

On the 11th October last, two days after leaving Dundee for NewYork, Captain Lyall is alleged to have assaulted the cook for some dereliction of duty. A quarter of an hour afterwards the captain was found lying dead in the mess room.

The chef was charged, at the Liverpool Police Court, with having caused the death of Captain Peter Lyall, of the British Ship BUCKINGHAM.

Below you can see where the Muscoota lies today. You can see the bow sticking out of the water to the left of the photo. It is now home to an abundance of marine life making this a world class dive site and extraordinary experience.

Photo Credit: Carmen Toanchina

Here is Carmen, M.V. Chertan's on board PADI Master Instructor, amongst the vibrant life living on the Muscoota.

Photo Credit : Adam Beard

Underwater shot of the bow from Muscoota photo taken at 10m

Photo Credit:

'Cruz' our 10 year old SCUBA diver guest.

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