The man behind the scuba instructors I.D Bible!

We are lucky enough and honoured to regularly welcome on board one of the legends behind the scuba instructors Bible. Have you ever looked up a fish or a creature in a I.D book? Well this is the author behind it! Read below for his comments on the MV Chertan Dive Liveboard, Which hosts some of the best diving places in the world.

''It is still possible to discover species unknown to science in Milne Bay while diving in PNG. I found a " helicopter" goby while a friend located an outrageous shrimp that perfectly mimics a spiral shell - currently both of these animals lack scientific names!

I have been to many great diving places but the best diving place I have been too is the dive sites with MV Chertan! In addition to the classic coral reef and drop- off habitats with their associated faunas, it is a wonderful area for my own favourite macro photography! Here it is possible to see the mimic octopus, ornate octopus, hairy octopus and flamboyant cuttle fish. For fish folhs there are sand divers, unusual mombasa lion fish, sea mots, all forms of ghost pipe fish, amboa scorpion fish, rhinopias, crocodile snake ells, and the beautiful and seldom seen spihefia goby. Crustaceans are well respected - harlequin shrimp, boxer crabs, pebble crabs, winston churchill crfabs, hairy crabs, daddy long -legs crabs, debelius shrimp and worlds friendliest and most co-operative rainbow manta shrimps! Detto molluses - big spanish dancers along with a truely amazing and endless selection of other nudibrachs, "including one that jumps like a kangaroo", bubble shells and multi spine murex shells.

How about the bobbit worm or you maybe lucky enough to see a pelagic juvenile oarfish, one of the truely amazing creatures on this watery planet!

You can relax on the well appointed "MV CHERTAN DIVE LIVEABOARD" anchored in a sheltered bay just a few meters from the coconut trees, watching a gorgeous cus-cus moving throujgh the rain forest canoby while exotic birds constantly pass over head! There are waterfalls and termal springs and skaull caves to explore! Colourful locals and youngsters in outriger canoes constantly glide by paddling artifacts and a bountiful supply of the freshest of fruits. "MV Chertan" is small enough to be personal, big enough to be comfortable and doesn't cater to those seeing the cattle - boat concept! Diving is done directly from the back deck with it's excellent and well designed facilities. Food is great and plentiful! You can eatr tropical fruits till you drop! Best of all and most important you will be shone animals that are rare of difficult to locate yourself!

Marine Biologist for Dr. Jerry Allen. recorded over 260 fish species on single SCUBA dive on one reef at Boirama on a resent survey. This was the greatest number of species he had ever encountered at one location anywhere.

Milne Bay and "MV Chertan"- the best combinations of diving in PNG and facilities! I know of no other out fit in any part of the world I would rather be with.''

--Rodger Steene

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